Safety Notes: A Checklist to Help Eliminate MSIs On Your Job

Consider this quick to do checklist a Hazard assessment from for you body: if you can’t get into the correct position, especially  if it’s going to be a repetive environment,  get some help and adjust!

MSI Reduction Checklist

Everything affects the back and shoulders!!!

Task location: Date:
Overhead Work Very good! Evil
Height of floor/scaffold/ladder: Work in front of eyes Looking up
Can equipment be adjusted? Problems adjusting height?
Duration of work: Opportunity to lower hands every 30 seconds? Are the hands constantly up? (5-10 minutes up 6 x per hour) 6 x per shift
Body position: Small arch in
lower back,
chest up and out
lower back arched,  upper back appears to be behind hips?
Lift from floor Very good! Evil
Head position: Looking forward? Looking at the floor?
Back position: Upper back is straight by pushing the chest up and out Rounded upper back?
Shoulders pulled back? Shoulders rolled forward?
Slight arch in lower back because the butt is sticking out Rounded lower back?
Load position Load close as possible to body? Reaching out during the lift?
The lift: Back maintains the above position? Back is bent/rounded?
Torso remains upright? Leaning forward- back parallel with ground?
Placing board high on wall:

Body position/ foot placement:

Close to wall? Have to reach to place and screw off?
Torso/ back: Chest up? Upper back round?
Shoulder blades flat? Shoulder blades sticking out?
Abs tightened up? Soft tummy?